Recycling yarn from sweater

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Today I finally got started on a pair of tester socks I am knitting with the help of Priscilla Gibson-Roberts book ‘Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy(reviewed by Dee on Historic Crafts). 

Then as I was walking home I spotted through the door of a charity shop this green sweater. I fell for the colour at once and went straight in to check whether 1) it had the right stitches for unravelling and 2) it was pure wool. It did have the right stitches but it was only 80% lambs wool and 20% Nylon. Any other day I would have walked right away but today I was thinking in terms of socks and people keep telling me that socks wear better if they have a little Nylon mixed in the wool. So I though, why not?

I brought it home and started to take the sweater apart. While pulling it apart I wind it up into a ball on my ball winder. This makes it much easier to use later. 

If you are interested in more of my recycling sweater to make yarn projects you can have a look here on the Grey Duckling yarn page. I will write a post on how you do this in the next couple of days so stay tuned and let me know if you are interested. 

Also I am very interested in seeing other peoples similar projects so do share. 

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