Recycling jars and making rosemary jelly

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Today I decided to use some of the jars I have been saving by making some Rosemary Jelly to put in them. I have posted before on Roued is... about making Jelly. For me it is most definitely not a precise science. 

When it was all done and poured into the jars I wanted to make some labelled cloth tops. I had some left over fabric from a pair of trousers that I had used in other refashions last year. The top and zip were used in my berry skirt and parts of the legs were used in this blouse. 

I then used my much beloved alphabet stamp set to type out Rosemary Jelly on the top. I think they will make good gifts in the months to come. 

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  1. sandra rowney

    Thanks for your post on thing a day. I was enchanted by the alphabet stamps! Found some on Amazon for £20 …then today I was in the craft section of the Range and found little sets in different fonts for 99p.

    • roued

      You’re welcome Sandra
      Do let me know when you try it out – I would love to see it.