Comfort of a friend, Bess and Lily
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OK, so now I think we have established that I like to knit matching outfits for my daughter Bess and her doll Lily. I do this for various reasons. Sometimes to do a quick test of a knit pattern calculator … Read More

March knitting
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I have been using Instagram a lot recently for two reasons. One it’s fun (and easy) to say it with pictures when you don’t have time to write a long story about what you are doing. Snap a quick picture … Read More

Harem pants for mum and tights for Bess
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I just finished this pair of oh so easy harem pants for myself using this super easy (even if it is Danish) tutorial from Karlssons Kludeskab. To go with them I made these clever easy tight for Bess all from … Read More

Pictures from Bess’ naming party
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We had Bess’ naming party at easter and a lot has happened since then so I never showed off any pictures. Here they are then: The table cloth and napkins I sewed. The easter eggs I made. The name tags … Read More

Womans weekly B793 – cutting pattern
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I have decided to sew some more clothes for myself. I am going to start out with a vintage womans weekly pattern I found somewhere in the UK, probably a charity shop or a market. It was definetily used but … Read More

Learning as we go along
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While I was pregnant I knitted a lot up until the last two months where i got carpal tunnel syndrome and couldn’t knit. But not everything i knitted fits. I made these breast pads for myself. They are only 12cm … Read More

Bess and a smartphone
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My last post was exactly a month and a half ago. Since then a lot has happened. I gave birth to my wonderful daughter Bess. She was a big girl and is so far happily breastfeeding and putting on weight. … Read More