The big bobbin lace flower
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This project is another one from Gilian Dye’s Beginning Bobbin Lace (page 36). This one is made in double size using purple and green merino that has been spun on the spindle and 2/3 plied. I made this one purely … Read More

Fibre Challenge: bobbin lace map and flower
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In 2010 Hampshire Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild did a challenge where you received 3 different types of fibre (20g each). There was an animal fibre (white merino), a plant fibre (white ramie) and a mineral fibre (teal and purple … Read More

Blouse front – bobbin lace
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This front piece is one I made to sew on a blouse, which I unfortunately haven’t done yet. But I will soon. I know I will! The pattern is a variation of the Bookworm from Gilian Dye’s Beginning Bobbin Lace … Read More

Lace Flower Brooch: Poinsettia
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This was a special Christmas edition of the sweet pea brooch using a merino/silk mix fibre that I spun. The button is one that I made by decoupaging a piece of sheet music onto an old button.

Flower Lace Brooch: Daisy
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The daisy uses the same pattern as the red lily brooch.

Happy New Year giveaway
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The giveaway is now closed. I’ve used a random generator to pick a winner and I’m very happy to announce that Stephanie is the lucky winner. This is my first giveaway ever so please bear with me. As a New … Read More

Lace Flower Brooch: Sunflower
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When I was younger my absolute favourite flower was sunflowers. I always said that I would rather have a guy give me a sunflower than a rose. Sadly I was 14 so there was no chance of any guys buying … Read More

Re-wired Bobbins
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I recently decided that my lace bobbins where not neat enough. So instead I went ahead and re-wired them with new beads. In other words – I personalized them. I am much more excited about using them now and have … Read More