My childhood recipe book
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Did you have a recipe book as a child? I had one called “Brugsens Børnekogebog” (The Coop’s children’s cook book) and my sister and I used it a lot. I can remember (and even if I couldn’t, it’s pretty obvious) … Read More

4 tips for easy sock knitting
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For many of the knitters I know sock knitting is either a skill you have either  mastered or you haven’t. For some people (my beloved Grandmother for example) socks knitting is easy knitting. Something she could do even when she … Read More

Eddie’s rye bread
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It is becoming increasingly easier to buy good rye bread in the UK. Most bigger super markets have a range now which consists of more interesting rye bread than before. However, I still think home baked is really great and … Read More

Agnes’ pancakes
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This is my Grandmother Agnes’ recipe for pancakes Ingredients   125g Flour 1 1/4dl Milk c. 1 1/4dl beer 1tbsp oil 3-4 eggs bit of salt bit of sugar bit of lemon Process Mix dry stuff Mix wet stuff Mix … Read More

Eddie’s Pickled Beetroots
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I love pickled beetroots. Nothing is better than freshly baked rye bread with warm leverpostej (Danish pate) and homemade pickled beetroots on top. However,  as I currently am residing in the United Kingdom and pickled beetroots are a bit hard … Read More

Agnes’ Danish Christmas “Æbleskiver”
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My Grandmother Agnes’ recipe for traditional Danish ‘Æbleskiver’. These are usually cooked on a round pan with dips in it (see illustration). ‘Æbleskiver’ can be translated to ‘apple pieces’ and refers to the piece of apple that is traditionally added … Read More