Blog inspiration: a start
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As on Historic Crafts I have decided to get a blogroll going and share with you all some of the magical blogs I get my daily inspiration from. Today I’m going to begin with some of the blogs I have … Read More

Enter the Refashion Co-op
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Do you remember the post I did in January presenting the idea of a Refashionista Co-operative? One of the main questions I asked din the post was whether there was anyone out there interested in taking on this challenge of being … Read More

How would you refashion it (coffee bags)?
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I have been saving coffee bags for about half a year now. Why you might ask? Well I have this idea that I want to make something like a bag out of them. I have collected some quite nice colours, … Read More

Interview with Zoe
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It’s so much fun to meet new people. Even if you don’t actually meet them face to face. This was the case with Zoe. We decided to meet for a chat on a day we were both snowed in. We … Read More

New Year, New Challenges
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Inspired by Zoe and Tilly I have decided to start the New Year with a bit of a run through of 2010 and a post to try and help me figure out what I want to achieve in 2011. I … Read More

Jane Austen dress refashion
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  Remember a couple of weeks ago when I asked how you would refashion a purple skirt that I had left over from Halloween? I received some pretty good ideas and most of them were focusing on making it into … Read More

How would you refashion it? (Jeans)
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This weeks question is: How would you refashion a pair/stack of jeans? Share your links and ideas with me in the comments and I will include them into the post together with some of my favourite jeans refashions. This was … Read More

All in black – trousers to skirt refashion
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This was one of my first refashions – I just never got around to sharing it. I am forever trying to find clever ways of refashioning those linen trousers that I love to buy but which inevitably end up with … Read More

How would you refashion it? (purple skirt)
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What to do! I have quite a few items of clothing that I want to refashion, but I could use some inspiration as to how to refashion them. Below is a skirt with a funny story. It was bought in … Read More

Bubbly Berry Skirt
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For this skirt I used the leftovers of a pair of linen trousers from a previous refashion attempt. Back then I was careful to remove the top of the trousers and the zipper thinking that I could probably make use … Read More

Getting the hang of being a refashionista!
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Well I’m not sure I am quite there yet. I made a piece the other day which I am not entirely sure how to categorize. But maybe that’s the fun of refashioning clothes – to take it out of the … Read More

Ups I did it again – I bought another Singer
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I bought another Singer. This time I paid the whopping amount of £10. They are hard bargainers at the local skip. I previously bought a Singer for just £3 at a car-boot sale. The guy promised me that the motor … Read More

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