Class Notes (8): Webservices
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These are the class notes for the “Introduction to XML and editing ancient documents” seminar I am doing this summer semester at LMU, Munich What is a web service? The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) defines a Web Service as … Read More

Using Web Services Tutorial
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In this tutorial you will learn how to find Web Service feeds and you will get to transform them into a list of results formatted with the colour and font of your choice. First let’s have a look at the … Read More

Using the flickr API
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This is a case study of how you can use Web Services to access information from another web application in your own blog. Flickr have an application called the API Garden where you can put together a URL to call … Read More

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I did my first web service using SOAP all the time being aware that RESTful would be an easier and probabply also faster solution. However, when I did my first web service there was not a lot out on RESTful … Read More

Beginning the Doctorate
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The Doctorate is going accourding to plan at the moment. That is the plan that I have just finished writting up. Accouring to my thesis proposal I will be spending the next half year building an ontology and looking into … Read More