The big bobbin lace flower

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This project is another one from Gilian Dye’s Beginning Bobbin Lace (page 36). This one is made in double size using purple and green merino that has been spun on the spindle and 2/3 plied. I made this one purely for my own pleasure and I wear it quite a lot. When I do I often get comments on how nice it is. But no-one has yet recognized it as lace. I get knitting and crochet a lot. Crochet I can understand because it is a good craft for making flowers like this. I made loads of them myself for my wedding. But I don’t thin knitting would be a natural choice for this type of flower.

However, I have since used this technique of making a long lace piece with a loose thread in one side on my other flowers. The original pattern produces a very small flower (4cm dia max). This one is a bit too big (12cm in dia) and floppy. The ones I have made to sell are around 7cm in dia and this I find is a very good size. But this is the same technique that I have used in the sweet pea and red lily patterns.