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Men's shirt to women's blouse refashion by Eddie's Room,


This refashion is both about shirts and about refashioning from a pattern. I think there is a lot to be said about refashioning from a pattern. It is very handy when the item you are trying to make is very far from the item you are refashioning. A good example of this is my t-shirt to retro baby shorts refashion from last year.

I do like wearing shirts and so does my husband. He both likes wearing shirts himself and he thinks I look nice in a shirt too. Therefore, he didn’t mind giving up an old shirt for this refashion.

Here is a before picture of the shirt.

This is the Ottobre Design pattern I used to refashion the shirt. It is from number 5, 2012.

First step was to remove the front breast pocket.

Then I pinned the pattern to each side of the shirt and cut off the sleeves to the pattern together with the neckline. I didn’t cut up the sides, but instead unpicked the top 10cm from the sleeves down in order to add a fitting on the front.

I then added pleating at the neckline and stabelising made from another shirt.


For the sleaves I made some pleates out of the other shirt material.

I cut the sleaves after the pattern to make a more female sleave with 3/4 length and puff sleeves.



And finally the shirt is finished:

IMG_2455 copy

Please post a comment and share your latest shirt or pattern refashions with me. I would love to see them.

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5 Responses

  1. Karen Schulz

    Love this. Men’s shirts are great way to start refashioning

    • roued

      Thank you Karen, I think so too.

  2. Pam

    Looks great, Eddie… a great refashion.

    • Pam

      Hi Eddie, I’ve featured your refashion today… Threading Your Way ~ Features

      • roued

        Thank you for featuring the refashion Pam. Much appreciated 🙂
        I’ve added your button.