The Singer works – see what it can do!

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090807_007So I fixed up the new old Singer I bought at a car-boot sale. Or in other words I took it all apart and cleaned it and gave it some proper sewing machine oil. Actually I took everything apart including the motor. Ups! So now I know how an old sewing machine motors looks inside. That was a little bit of a panic. However, it all turned out alright. I somehow managed to put it back together again. Fancy that, me the sewing machine mechanic! It even sounded OK and didn’t blow up or catch fire when I turned it on again. However, it wasn’t strong enough to actually sew. So I thought I had ruined the motor.

090809_004I decided to take the machine to the nice guy at the Sewing Centre to have a look. He said the motor was OK, it was just the belt that was tired and wonky. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any new ones he could sell me so he suggested I went home and dipped the belt in boiling water for a couple of seconds to shrink it a bit. It worked. I now have a fully functional Singer sewing machine. While cleaning it up I realised that the horrible red inside of the bottom case was rotten. I took it out and John fitted a new bottom for me. Then I painted it my favorite colour (teal) of which I of course had a tin standing around (don’t you always). It looks and smells much better now.
Finally, I tested the machine this weekend sewing a roll-up pouch for John’s paint brushes. It worked perfectly, but as my mother pointed out it can only sew straight stitches. However, she was wrong when she assumed that this meant that I couldn’t use it for anything. Before I was sewing straight stitches by hand so this is a great improvement.