The snowflake coincidence

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Do you believe in coincidences?
I don’t really believe in anything very spiritual or in horoscopes. But I am very interested in the concept of coincidences. As an example our car has been playing up for a while, so last week we took it to the garage and then I read the horoscope for my sign in a Danish magasine that I otherwise never read and it said that I would have a large expenditure for my car in the coming week. I firmly believe that it is a coincidence, but I still think it’s rather funny!
Another coincidence this week was that my parents visited from Denmark and my mother brought with her an idea for a new kind of Christmas star/snowflake she had just learned to make. The coincidence is then that after having made quite a few over the weekend John finds that the how-to for making this snowdrop has been blogged about on the Man Made DIY blog. So I thought I’d share it around.

How to Make a 3D snowflake on Wikihow