Thrifted blouse to kids harem pants refashion

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So this is the second instalment of the harem pants refashions and I am simply going to copy in the explanation from the first one.

This is again another refashion from a pattern and the pattern in question is the Ottobre Design Autumn 4/2012 (7) Harem pants for toddlers. I love this pattern. The pants are awesome and it is so easy to use the pattern for refashions of particularly t-shirts and beautiful cotton prints that are not stretchy at all. Let’s face it – my daughter only need so many dresses and skirts. Trousers are still the most practical thing for her to wear and by using this pattern on beautiful fabric I get lovely pants that sit very baggy and look a bit like a skirt. As you can see at the bottom of the post we now have a massive pile of these. Before leaving Denmark I had a weekend where I cut out loads of fabric and clothes items for refashioning that I had lying around. A lot of it was cut out for this harem pants pattern. I stacked it neatly in piles for the sizes 1.5 y, 2 y and 3 y. Then I was so lucky that my sister and mother had a go at sewing some of these together for me.

Thrifted blouse to kids harem pants refashion by Eddie's Room,


This time the item that needed refashioning into harem pants for Bess was a lacy blouse I bought on a thrifting trip years ago. It was always meant to be refashioned – but it wasn’t originally meant for something for Bess. This is a bigger size that the last one and she probably won’t wear it just yet. I recently bought her some lovely soft organic wool/silk leggings that will be very nice under these if they happen to fit her in winter.

Lacy thrifted blouse by Eddie's Room,

Lacy harem pants by Eddie's Room,

Detail of lacy harem pants by Eddie's Room,

Here you can see some of the harem pants I cut out for.

All the haren pants by Eddie's Room,