Tutorial: patchwork curtains and cushions

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Recently I showed you the curtains I made a couple of years ago from men’s shirts. This became two curtains for the living room in our flat in Holsted. We also had a craft room/studio <3 with one window and I wanted to make a very colourful patchwork curtain for this window too. A couple of years ago I bought a sample pack from an organic cotton company and the sample squares were just begging to be used for some colourful patchwork. The tutorial is pretty simple.


Patchwork curtains tutorial by Eddie's Room, roued.com


  • Fabric scraps
  • Square template
  • A single colour fabric for the border that is at least as long as you want your final curtain to be.
  • Preferably a serger/overlocker, but it is possible with a sewing machine too
  • Sewing machine for top-stitching
  • A fabric marker – that can be removed
  • Fabric scissors – a good one as you will be using it a lot
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Ruler


  1. Cut all your fabric scraps to size using the template. 
  2. Divide the pieces into X piles of Y pieces depending on the size and proportion of your curtain.
  3. Overlock the pieces in each pile together in a random order
  4. Overlock the rows together and you have your patchwork piece.
  5. Finally, see the instructions here on how to add the border and how to hang the curtains.

Patchwork curtains tutorial by Eddie's Room, roued.com

And you have your finished curtains ready for hanging.

Patchwork curtains tutorial by Eddie's Room, roued.com


Finally, I just wanted to show you what I used the left over square pieces for. I wanted to make some cushions that fit the curtains. From my adventures in making yarn from recycled sweaters I had some odd pieces of knitted fabric that couldn’t be unravelled. I used these instead for these patchwork cushions.

Patchwork curtains tutorial by Eddie's Room, roued.com

I would love to hear and see pictures of any patchwork cushions or curtains you may have made out of scrap fabric or any other fabric for that matter 🙂 Come ‘like’ my Facebook page and continue the conversation over there or in the comments below.

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5 Responses

  1. Eddie's Room

    Michele Hughes Schiegner thank you very much for your encouraging comments. I can't wait to see how yours turn out 🙂

  2. Eddie's Room

    You are so very welcome – and thank you for your lovely comment. Hope I can see some pics of your version one day 🙂

  3. Michele Hughes Schiegner

    Sorry, I must have hi a wrong button! Happens frequently. I was going to say, one f the little squares looked just like a pair of capris I bought at Walmart and cannot wear, so now I know what to do with it.

  4. Michele Hughes Schiegner

    Wow!! I'm not a quilter, but I love patchwork (and using scraps.) I have failed before because I'm a "frustrated perfectionist." You have just inspired me to try again. If mine looks half as great as yours does, I'll be ever so happy. By the wa

  5. Lynne Harrison

    Wonderful ! Can't wait to make a pair or two. Thank you so much