Ups I did it again – I bought another Singer

September 8, 2010 in DIY, Thrifts by Eddie

I bought another Singer. This time I paid the whopping amount of £10. They are hard bargainers at the local skip. I previously bought a Singer for just £3 at a car-boot sale. The guy promised me that the motor worked – and he was right. This previous Singer has the serial number: F1569002, which means that it is issued in 1911 accourding to Singers website. The model is a 99K and there were 2000 of them allotted in the Jan-June period of 1911 at the Kilbowie Clydebank factory in Scotland. The manual was free to download! Apparently this machine could be either machine or hand operated. Mine is machine operated and was probably rewired at a later stage. The rewire is holding up and I use this machine for all my sewing that is not done by hand. Nevertheless, it can not zig-zag and it can’t sew backwards. I get around this little issue by cutting everything with my zig-zag scissors and sewing the ends in by hand. Luckily, I enjoy hand sewing and mainly use the machine for stitches that are not visible.

Singer sewing machine from 1911

Back to the new machine. The serial number is: EE438412 and from this I can see that it’s a much later model from 1947. I have just discovered this very minute that this machine is also a 99k model (I did think that they looked very similar). There were 10000 of them allotted on the 24th December 1947 also at the Kilbowie Clydebank factory in Scotland. I guess this means that I don’t need to look up the manual as it will be the same as before.The only issue with this newer Singer is that it has not been rewired and the wiring is not good. So alas, I don’t want to give the motor a try before it has been rewired.

Singer sewing machine from 1947