US census access on Ancestry – now up till 1940s

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This weekend (till the 3rd September) has announced a free access to the US census (which now contains census up till 1940). I have family in my research who went to the US in the 1880s and I have traced them up till the 1930s census so far. So tonight I went looking for them in the 1940s census and found Elene Kristine Roued (age 71) and her husband Gunnard Andrew Glimborg (age 72) with their only surviving son  Ludwig Glimborg (age 35) lining together still on Winchester Avenue, Chicago. The father Gunnard dies in 1946 so this will be the last census where I can find him. I am not sure when the mother dies but the son Ludwig dies in 1978 and his death begins my family’s story about heirhunters and the name ‘Roued’. I keep promising to tell this story and I will try to write it down this weekend.

So what else can we find in the 1940s census. There is nothing new about the mother Elena (here spelled Elane). The father Gunnard (here writen as Gustav) seems to be retired. But the son Ludwig is working full time, 62 hours in the last week as a sales supervisor for an electric company where hein 1939  earned $3000. Obviously I don’t really know if this is well paid or not but in comparison to the neighbours it is pretty well paid. However, it probably also reflects that he is working so many hours a week. If we assume that he for the rest of his working days earns the same or more and never has a family then it is no wonder that he left a neat sum of money to be shared amoungst parent’s Danish and Swedish families.

Go have a look for your American family. The census is free to search and view till the 3rd. September. You will need to have a free account to access them. Good luck!

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