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Introducing APPELLO (Latin for to call – very appropriate as it is built to call up Latin texts). APPELLO has been build as a very simple RESTful Web Service providing a URL with different methods and parameters to gain access to different parts of and ancient document dataset.

What is a RESTful web service

REST is accourding to Abeysinghe (2008: 13) a design style, which should ideally be followed when developing web services based software. The main principles of REST are:

  • Provide every resource with a unique ID (URI)
  • Link resources with each other
  • Use standard methods (HTML, XML)
  • Resources can have multiple representations that reflect different application states
  • The communication should be stateless, meaning that the request sent to the server should provide the server with all the information it needs without information from previous requests (Abeysinghe 2008:13)

Abeysinghe, Samisa 2008. RESTful PHP Web Services. PACKT Publishing, Birmingham.