What is in that jar?

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If you follow me on ‘Roued is…‘ you will know that at the moment I am completely in love with making jelly. Blackberry Jelly, Elderflower Jelly and Rosemary Jelly to name a few. But I have been struggling to find a method of labeling the jars in a clever way. I tried stickers – but they are just as difficult to remove as the sticky labels the jar often comes with. Then I tried cardboard labels attached with a string around the edge of the jar. This also didn’t work very well as the string kept falling of.

But now I have found a pretty neat solution (if I say so myself). I have been playing around with these letter stamps recently and a friend suggested that I used them to stamp the name of the jelly on the top of some traditional fabric circles. So I did, and I rather like the result.