Why is it so quiet on the blog?

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I’ll tell you why 🙂 It’s not because I stopped doing DIY, or because I stopped sharing what I do. Because I haven’t. My priorities have just changed a bit recently.

I got a job. A dream job, for me. I am now assistant professor at  University of Copenhagen at the Royal School of Library and Information Science. I am placed in Aalborg, North Jutland, Denmark and my family has moved with me up here. Hence all the photos of new furniture that I have been posting on Instagram recently.
Ikea hack Makros lamp by Eddie's Room

In this new job I get to divide my working hours between research and teaching and of course this also means that I have less time to do DIY projects and to talk about it on the blog. But the good news is that my research will be focussing on DIY culture, autodidactism (self-education), Everyday Life Information Seeking and the Internet. I am very excited about this part.

In practice this means that I want to change how I do things around here and how I share on social media.

It has taken me a while to figure it all out, hence the quiet period. But I think I am finally there now. This is my plan for now.


The blog:

Writing blog posts is what takes up most time. Therefore, I won’t be writing many of these for a while. I am going to reserve blog posts for research related stuff. So if you are interested in DIY culture, autodidactism, amateurs, crowdsourcing, history of the Internet and stories about awesome craftspeople and DIYers, this is the place to follow.

Instagram and Facebook page

I have decided to take all the DIY projects and other activities I do and share them via Instagram. The stories and photos will still be visible on this website but they won’t be shared as blogposts anymore. The reason for this is that I simply find that it is quicker to share via these platforms and thus I get it done. It doesn’t require lots of planning and sitting in front of the computer, which I just can’t find time for anymore.



I love Pinterest and I love pinning stuff and creating my own collections of cool stuff. However, I am very irregular. I have a standing gig with the Refashion Co-op keeping up the editorial boards on Pinterest and I will admit that I have been very lax about it over the last couple of months because of the new job. But if you are on Pinterest, come on over and check out some of my boards and follow the ones you find interesting. It’s a fun place to be.


You can find me on twitter, yes. I do post my instagram updates there too. I will always reply if you tag me or send me a message and I sometimes check the updates too. However, I wouldn’t say that it is the social media platform I use the most. Unless I’m at a conference, seeing as it is very popular in Digital Humanities circles. Who knows, I may be using it more and more as a part of my new job.


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  1. Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

    Hi Nicole, I had only just seen your comment now. Thank you though – it's very kind of you. Did I hear something about Gareth (and you?) coming to Denmark soon? You have to come visit if you do 🙂 xx Eddie

  2. Nicole Beale

    A huge, heartfelt congratulations to you on your new role at Copenhagen, Eddie! That really is fantastic news! And you've found time whilst doing that to make all of this gorgeous stuff! You're putting us all to shame! It's really brilliant that you have this great post, and I am very excited for you and your family. Enjoy the new job, you deserve it! N xxxxx