Writing the introduction

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So I have this new writing strategy, where my husband helps be get my thesis written. Each weekend we will sit down together and he will read what I have written the previous week and then we will plan what I am to write the next week. Small steps, as he says! It will bring me there faster that getting overwhelmed by too large steps.

It has worked so far and I now have a draft for an introduction. This is one of my favorite chapters and also I believe one of the most important chapters of any written work. It is like that vital first impression you give at a job interview. You introduction must be like a good solid handshake. Don’t present a limp, dead fish but don’t crush their bones either. (Do have a look at Oatmeal’s other crap handshakes though).

The book “Writing the winning thesis or dissertation: a step-by-step guide” (Glatthorn & Joyner: 2005) has been great help on how to structure my introduction (chapter 16; page 163). It suggests the following sections:

  1. Introduction to the chapter
  2. Background of the study
  3. Problem statement
  4. The professional significance of the study
  5. An overview of methodology
  6. The delimitations of the study
  7. Definition of key terms