Writing a whole book in November?

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I’m not going to do a NaNoWriMo update because I can see now that writing 50.000 words in November at the same time as moving to Munich was not a good plan. I thought it would work, but no. I still have the ideas for my book in my head and I have by no means given up writing it. I will just have to have a re-think about the plot and how I am going to carve out time to write it along side a full-time job in a way so that it doesn’t affect the job or time spent with John and Bess.
But for now a little success story is needed, I think. Last night I finished the story for the so-called ‘angry book’ that I am doing together with John and my sister.

John’s first successful drawing of the angry hedgehog – while it is not so angry!

The idea behind this children’s picture book comes from my sisters bachelor project in pedagogy about anger in Danish kindergartens.

So now that is properly kickstarted! I did write a book in November. But not 50.000 words. Maybe more like 150, if that! I forgot to count.